SEO Level 3

$150.00 / month

  Time Minimum 6 months
  Number of Pages 10
  Keywords Targeted 10
  Services First Month:
Website Analysis
Basic keyword analysis
URL optimization
Title and metaTag optimization and keyword addition
Alt tag optimization
Header Tag optimization
Internal Link Structuring (5 pages interlink)
Robot.txt Creation/analysis
Image optimization
404 Error analysis
Xml sitemap
Analytics Tools set up
Google Search Console Integration
Content Plag check
Canonical tag
Second Month:
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis (1)
Schema Markups
Blog creation and promotion (2)
Company Profile Listing (3)
Classified Submission (3)
PDF submission (1)
PPT submission (1)
Image Submission (1)
Infographic create and submission (1)
Backlinks ( do follow + no follow) –
Total (100-120) Backlinks