An average person spends $165 to $300 each semester on STARBUCKS, can you imagine? And we can give you a premium website for just $199.
A website for the price of a few coffees.

WP seeder, one of the infinity stones powered by Reliqus, brings websites for all businesses at the cost of just $199.  The idea of WP seeder was seeded by prioritizing the needs of Small businesses and keeping their ROI in mind.

We, at Reliqus, thought about what could be provided as cheap as Starbucks coffee but far more durable and valuable for the overall business. And that’s how we met the idea of creating WP Seeder and equipping every business with a beautiful-looking and easy-to-use WordPress website.

What We Do

After building custom-designed & template-based websites for hundreds of businesses for the past 10 years, we understand why a website becomes a costly affair for businesses. Most web development agencies fail to understand the requirements of businesses and try to provide a heavy, custom-built website that costs an arm and a leg for MSME businesses. We have been attempting to solve this issue with the Reliqus Powered WP seeder. 

No heavy money, no extreme time investment. 7 days, 7 days is all we need.
Now you can get an affordable website with beautiful and ready-to-live designs. If it feels like a rough path to spend money on a website, If you are unsure of what more you can do with it in the future, don’t worry; you don’t have to decide today. Start by investing a minimal amount of $199 and upgrade it with our add-ons later, according to your requirement.

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Our Mission
Your website is your virtual sales team, it better be there and look good.

WordPress powers 39.6% of the internet in 2021; we empower you. WP seeders’ mission is to provide premium WordPress websites at the cheapest price on the planet. We want websites to be as accessible to people as hoodies.

Who are we?
We are not more than a web development agency.

We don’t claim to be experts at something we are not like cliched promises. We have been creating web experiences for 10 years, which makes us the best web development agency but nothing more than that.
No, we might not always know what you want, that’s why we communicate.
Our identity comes from what we build, so our portfolio is who we are.

Do we have oil wells?
How do we manage to give websites at such lower prices?

When you visit a market 1000 times, you know where you will get cost effective items. We have been visiting the world of web development for 10 years, that’s how we know what part of web design to include, exclude and optimize to give a website at $199.
We hate cliched options and cliched marketing which limits customers from getting what they want and that’s why you get 200+ options to choose from. Just like you, even we want to stand apart from other agencies, as a result, you get a lot of options to choose from and start your web journey.

What We Offer

Website Development

Digital Marketing


Worldclass Support

A website can be a long affair and commitment which might not be the need of the hour for every business. So here is something very casual, cost-effective, and beautiful. 


Very cool strategy WP seeder, but why should we trust you?

Thank you, we are powered by Reliqus, an agency with 5 stars on Upwork and a lengthy portfolio. Our founder, Ankit Bhatia, is a coder himself and even a better problem solver. 

Check our portfolio here.