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By the time you hear us speak about WordPress, you probably have surfed a number of websites powered by WordPress. Some prominent names like BBC America, Forbes, Vogue, Bata use WordPress.

One of the many reasons why these big hitters use WordPress as a powerful CMS system today is because it offers scalability, deliverability, security, and expandability.

Besides that has several plugins that focus on usability and fits needs of business organizations of all sizes.

Let us dig deeper!

16. Bata

Bata Industrials was founded in Czech Republic as a shoe factory. Today, Bata is one of the largest manufacturers of safety shoes with offices located worldwide. The brand acts as a global scale provider with emphasis on local markets. The company implements its strategy on the Internet using WPML WordPress multilingual plugin helps them maintain their online presence.

When developing the pages, the company customizes its website content and ensures that local offices are able to edit and enter the required products.

17. Forbes Blogs

How can we forget talking about Forbes when discussing big companies using WordPress.
The company’s blog website covers everything from business, to lives of billionaires. Readers can get information on latest business news as well as start ups. The WordPress based website gives control over design features in a more inclusive manner. WordPress is among the number one website building platforms used by successful companies. One major reason is that WordPress meets consumer expectations easily.

18. BBC America

Another popular example of websites built in WordPress is BBC America. The entire website runs on WordPress and provides content across four different CMSs. The company uses multisites and themes to customize the show content as well as branding.

David Anderson, Senior Product Development Manager at BBC said: “Using WordPress has allowed them to streamline about 80% of their work and efforts. The result is that editors now have or time to focus on content creation instead of figuring out how to edit code”

19. Angry Birds

Who doesn’t remember the wave of craze that this video game initiated. It’s official website has been made using WordPress. The site is extremely creative and colorful with “Download Now” features, options to check out movies, games, and animations. The visitors are immediately welcomed by the iconic characters from the game and it is as creative as it could from top to bottom.

20. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz, commonly referred to as Mercedes is a Germany-based luxury automotive company. The automobile giant looked to manage its official international websites and showcase the amount of multimedia content. Therefore, when it came to deliverability, the company chose WordPress. The company’s website provides a built-in media library to allow customization, editing effortlessly.

21. Rolling Stone

The American monthly magazine, Rolling Stone’s official website is built in WordPress focuses on popular culture. The magazine was recently showcased in a case study published by the Marketing Team. Rolling Stone’s prior system lacked modern editorial features. Transitioning to WordPress allowed the brand to create a great experience for content creators. The magazine’s existing site has successfully moved decades of digital content from their former system to WordPress and launched a new expression. The website is hosted by fully managed services that helps fast page loading, easy signup process, and much more.

22. Toyota Motors Brasil

The official website for Toyota Motors Brasil is built with WordPress. It’s a simple website with clean design that characterizes a professional look. It is user-oriented and sticks to its product. Excellent image incorporation aimed at informing the consumers along with creating excitement is their main feature. The site uses minimal content and focuses more on visual aspects of an automotive company.

23. The Mozilla Blog

The Mozilla Blog project is a global community of people with beliefs in innovation, openness, opportunities, and creativeness. These elements form the basis for this WordPress website that uses a number of WordPress plugins.

  • One-Mozilla-blog Theme– Universal WordPress theme for Mozilla blogs.
  • Open Attribute Plugin– Makes content publishing easy
  • Promote MDN– Links keywords and phrases to MDN pages
  • Web Push Plugins– Makes it easy to send Web Push Notifications

24. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

The Wall Street Journal is a business website built with WordPress. It contains ears for customizing content on topics such as breaking news, analysis of politics, economics, world markets, life & art. The theme is developed using Bootstrap 3 CSS framework. It is user-friendly and works for all devices such as mobiles, smartphones, tablets, desktops.

25. Katy Perry

The multi-platinum American singer, musician, Katy Perry uses WordPress to power her official website. It features the latest music, tour information, news, videos, photos, and store information. The wordpress based website has a bold and elegant theme that instantly catches a visitor’s eye.

26. AMC

The American multinational television channel runs on WordPress. The company’s aim was to build a website that aligned with 6 requirements: Free, Easy to set up, Light Hardware, Easy to administrate, Easy to edit, and Evolving technology.

AMC’s current website uses WordPress Multisite to build a network of WordPress websites all running on the same codebase. The channel has 47 more websites that run on WordPress. Each website has its own set of users with more than one website usage per user.

27. TED Blog

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The American media organization presents best talks and performances for free. Built on WordPress, Ted Blog features ideas worth sharing. It is one of the many hubs that users can go to to find more information on world leaders. The website has an informative theme based design and features the latest news, popular events, and much more.

28. Inside BlackBerry

Inside Blackberry provides enterprises latest news and articles about cybersecurity, asset tracking, and critical event management. The official website is built on WordPress and offers hands-on experience for users.

29. Observer

Observer is a British newspaper that presents brilliant views on the political spectrum similar to its sister newspapers The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly. First published in 1791, Observer is the world’s oldest paper published on Sundays. Observer showcases stories of people and a variety of trends through its official website. Observer is also among one of the largest companies that uses wordpress sites to reach millions of readers annually. The boxed layout website features posts, sliders, and a grid blog layout.

30. Flickr Blog

The American image hosting platform was founded in Canada and is headquartered in the United States. It also hosts video service. Created by Ludicorp in 2004, the website was built with WordPress. It has an elegant look that features categories, galleries, code blog, on the top header. It’s easy to navigate. The website is based on the Flickr JS API.

You can use the platform to share high-resolution images. The platform is not only popular among experienced photographers but also aspiring photographers. The easy-to-use website uses a PHP API plugin and uses bootstrap responsive CSS.

Wrapping Up

WordPress has emerged as one of the most popular website builders and content management systems in the world. With WordPress, it’s possible to build nearly all websites, whether it is a blog website, an online store, a newspaper, or a shoe factory. Thousands of premium plugins that enhance the functionality of websites.

Today, most major brands are realizing the importance of WordPress websites. However, a major challenge in the journey may arise when website builders fail to understand the requirements of the clients. Therefore, selecting a well-experienced, and result-oriented wordpress website builder is pivotal to guarantee success.

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