SEO Level 1

$80.00 / month

Time Minimum 6 months
Number of Pages 5
Keywords Targeted 5
Services First Month:
Website Analysis
Basic keyword analysis
URL optimization
Title and metaTag optimization and keyword addition
Alt tag optimization
Header Tag optimization
Internal Link Structuring (1 pages interlink)
Robot.txt Creation/analysis
Image optimization
404 Error analysis
Xml sitemap
Analytics Tools set up
Google Search Console Integration
Content Plag check
Canonical tag
Second Month:
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis (1)
Schema Markups
Blog creation and promotion (1)
Company Profile Listing (1)
Classified Submission (1)
PDF submission (1)
PPT submission (1)
Image Submission (1)
Backlinks ( do follow + no follow) –
Total (50-80) Backlinks