WordPress websites power 37% (455 M WordPress websites) of the businesses globally. Meaning when you browse the internet, there is a higher chance of coming across sites that use WordPress

The WordPress market share has grown exponentially. It not only empowers small businesses like personal blogs but goes beyond supporting large businesses like Microsoft, Xerox, Sony Music, and even entertainment giants like The Walt Disney Company. 

Because WordPress’s popularity continues to dominate the internet everywhere, WP Seeder brings you a list of major brands that use WordPress-based websites

Why Do Big Brands Use WordPress?

More and more brands are building websites powered by WordPress. It is a powerful Content Management System with various features that are a must-have for any business looking to establish an online presence. The system offers robust solutions. 

This blog includes the top 30 big companies that use WordPress websites in two parts. In the first part, we disclose the top 15 brands giving their customers the best online experience using WordPress websites. 

Let’s dig in!

1. Sony Music

The American Music Corporation, Sony Music Entertainment, is owned and operated by Sony Corporation of America with over 87 years of history. It is a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation. 

It includes music labels such as Epic Records, Columbia Records, and several Sony Music national companies. 

Sony Music uses WordPress.org CMS to power all its websites, including showcasing facts and figures, featuring artists. The label also has blogs that use WordPress CMS detailing the latest announcements. 

The website has been awarded a 3.5-star overall rating for its use of WordPress. A total of 75 votes calculated the rating.

2. The Herald Sun

The Herald Sun’s digital presence is maintained by its apps and websites made with WordPress. The website has a highly responsive design that works seamlessly across all browsers and devices. The website recently completed a new look with a guide to all the changes. According to The Herald Sun, “the new website has been built from the ground up to be faster, smarter, less congested, and much more user-friendly.” 

Its builders focused on deliverability and quick-to-load news sites for its readers. The design is clean and straightforward. Additionally, an intuitive navigation system gives readers relevant content in one click.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is an American online newspaper website dedicated to analyzing and reviewing new Internet products and companies. WordPress VIP powers the open-source web publishing platform. 

It has a clean and simple interface with easy navigation and attractive news feeds. The company redesigned its website last year, and one of the significant goals that creators had in mind was to improve site performance. 

The company implemented several tools during the development process, such as offloading time-consuming tasks into background tasks. The designers built a WP Async Task library to structure the background tasks.

4. Target

U.S. Fortune 500 Rank: 30

Target is a multimillion-dollar chain of over 1800 department stores in the United States. The brand is one of the largest discount retailers with a U.S. Fortune 500 rank of 30. Target’s total revenue reached over USD 25.7 billion in 2021. 

The company’s blog site Pulse is a way to show Target customers a vast range of entry-level products and show the consumers what it’s like to work as an employee for Target. 

The retail corporation uses an open-source CMS offered by WordPress.org to power Pulse that a group of professional team members runs. 

The blog site has earned an overall rating of 3.5 stars from 58 votes for its use of WordPress.org. 

5. The Walt Disney Company

U.S. Fortune 500 Rank: 50

The American multinational entertainment company Disney is one of the largest companies that use WordPress globally. The media conglomerate is headquartered in California and was founded in 1923. The company’s website is based on WordPress.org, and its CMS features everything from iconic characters to how the company operates. This includes the company’s latest announcements.

6. Best Buy

The electronic chain has over 1,000 locations worldwide, supplying the largest range of home appliances. Best Buy has individual websites for every one of its 1,050 stores. These websites display directions on reaching each store and include customer reviews. 

Best Buy uses WordPress to power all its websites. One example to indicate is looking at the following URL stores.bestbuy.584. Changing the number at the end of each URL will lead the customers to a website of a different store. 

7. UPS

The U.S.-based parcel service is among the world’s most extensive delivery services. They are responsible for delivering over 15 million packages around the world. 

The service has a blog website that UPS uses to announce its latest news and discusses environmental issues relating to the service. This blog is built on WordPress. It includes premium cloud hosting, scalability, security, and performance. 

8. Quartz

The global news agency is among the major brands that use websites built in WordPress. The experience offers a unique homepage look with a wide multimedia readership and excellent navigation.

9. Vogue

Talking about big companies using WordPress, we can’t ignore Vogue. The American monthly fashion lifestyle magazine is built on WordPress and covers diverse fashion, beauty, living, culture, and runway. The website is made through WordPress Rest API and React. It features a straightforward design with a full-width header and a never-ending scroll.

10. Boing Boing

Boing Boing is among popular blog websites using WordPress. It was first established as a zine and later became a group blog website commonly discussing science fiction, intellectual property, futurism, gadgets, Disney, technology. 

The WordPress-powered website has won twice the Bloggies for Weblog of the year. Its editors are Mark Frauenfelder, Carla Sinclair, David Pescovitz, and Rob Beschizza. In 2006, a report named Boing Boing as one of the most famous WordPress sites until a Chinese-language blog took the lead.

11. IBM Jobs

IBM (International Business Machines Corp) is a leading cloud platform offering cognitive solutions. The company has been reinventing technology since 1911. WordPress.org powers the official website of IBM. 

IBM is a dedicated server with a Bluemix PaaS that quickly enables developers to create websites based on a pay-as-you-go model. IBM made a revenue of $74.46 billion in 2021.

12. Microsoft News

*U.S. Fortune 500 Rank: 15

Microsoft is the U.S.-based technology giant best known for producing Windows operating systems. The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. 

The company’s product line of operating systems is used worldwide. Microsoft’s total revenue stood around USD 45.3 billion in 2021. 

WordPress.org powers Microsoft’s news website. Its implementation has an overall rating of 3.5 stars. A total of 25 votes calculated the rating.

13. Facebook Newsroom

Facebook newsroom is a popular social networking service powered by WordPress. The website features top news & events regarding Facebook. 

The Facebook newsroom has covered personalized recommendations based on user habits for the past few years. Facebook newsroom has seen a dramatic rise in the digital world. According to Facebook, the company has further plans to develop world-class platforms in the news world.

14. Xerox 

U.S. Fortune 500 Rank: 415

The U.S.-based corporation is best known for providing industrial-size office printers. The company’s researchers have also played vital roles in inventing desktops, computer mouses, elements of desktop computing, and Ethernet. According to 2021, Xerox earned a total revenue of USD 1.76 billion. 

Xerox features daily blog posts designed to help businesses manage day-to-day operations more effectively. WordPress.org powers the website. Xerox is home to several other blog websites, including HR Insights, Simplify Work, and Digital Printing Hot Spot. The label has earned an overall rating of 2.5 stars for its use of WordPress.org.

15. Brian Smith

The Pulitzer award-winner photojournalist Brian Smith features his expressive art through his WordPress.org powered website. It includes Smith’s portraits of famous celebrities accompanied by testimonials. Brian’s extensive portfolio can be accessed through his website that he uses to send powerful messages to photographers who use flash-only websites. 

Wrapping Up

With its high substance-making capacities from the beginning, WordPress has become the world’s no.1 Content management system. A massive list of major brands has come to acknowledge that content is the foundation of the present organizations. 


Everything from website structure to building appealing web innovation, target clients, to ease of use of locales, everything spins around better communicative websites. WordPress websites help brands interact with consumers by incorporating engaging content. 


WordPress executes very well, which is also an important reason countless such brands are including WordPress for content production, both as web journals and sites. Yet, it may not be valid for all. What brands need to understand is what stage works for them? Similarly, a professional WordPress website builder can easily comprehend your brand requirements and implement the best websites to give the clients the best consumer experience. 

Above, we have seen the top 15 brands using WordPress websites. In part 2, we will continue to discover a few more brands you never knew run on WordPress. 

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