You would think that the arrival of the internet has opened up ample avenues for businesses guaranteeing success. But even with technological innovations, the struggle to pitch a new idea to the desired client or a customer still exists. Especially when you work in a volatile field like real estate property. And with gigantic shifts to internet usage, real estate agents need to rise above the fray by increasing their web presence. This is where professionally designed personal real estate websites step in.  According to NAR (National Realtor Association), over 2 million active realtors in the United States alone. With ever-increasing businesses, it’s easy to get overlooked by customers. But an attractive and hard to ignore real estate agent website design helps you market yourself effectively.  In addition to aiding in marketing a business, let us see the top 10 reasons real estate agents need a website today. 

1. Develop Your Business

One could argue that websites are nothing but extra expenses since you are a real estate agent, your broker would supply you the list of customers as part of your employment, and nothing could further the truth.  But what about yourself? Even if you are working for someone else, you have your personality. You must have seen those mentioned when you were over at Mcdonalds and see the Employee of the month tag on an employee’s shirt.  What happens if you leave the brokerage for any reason? Personal branding is as important as staying ahead in the competition by working for someone else. You don’t want to be lost on some generic pile of websites. You can outshine the other agents by creating a lucrative profile of your own. And real estate web development will do the job perfectly for you. 

2. Stay Relevant

A report by NAR states that 96% of Americans are looking to buy their house on the internet. As real estate agents, you need to acknowledge that the power of the internet cannot be dismissed in generating sales.  The availability of the internet makes it possible for potential buyers to find you and the properties listed by you. Having an online presence through website service for real estate businesses, your customers can get in touch with you and find the information needed anytime, anywhere.

3. Compatibility Across all Browsers

WP Seeder’s 200+ professionally designed templates cost just $199 and can be personalized any way you like. That way, you don’t need to spend hours coming up with what you want your site to look like. There is a wide range of selections that any user can access at all popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more.

4. Guide Your Clients

An essential factor that compels the home buyers to step out of their homes while searching for their dream home usually revolves around looking for “credible information” Why? Well, because the person doesn’t need to buy or sell houses before. It may be the first home they are buying.  Your website can be an excellent resource for your clients. You can ask for easy templates to select from or ask your commercial real estate website developer to show you suitable options. Your website should never let your customers leave your website without learning something.

5. Saves Development Time

Imagine building each page of your website from scratch. Not only is this time consuming, but it usually requires a programmer or a coder. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with ready-to-use real estate agent website design templates by WP Seeder.  All the website templates come with pre-designed pages. For example, you can add a home page, a blog page, and an integrated contact form to welcome your client email inquiries.  For a realtor, all you need to do is buy the template design and launch it for you.

6. Networking Through Blogs

Including informational blogs as part of your website feature for small businesses can help you attract a more extensive set of audiences. Writing about current market trends and available properties, such as new governing laws related to construction, can help build trust for your readers.  For example, different states practice and implement other laws. It’s possible that homeowners may have skipped reading about the information. Thus, if a quality website building for small business approach incorporates blog writing, this would help leave a positive impact on giving insights for your users. 

7. Know Your Audience

Perhaps this is the most crucial reason real estate agents need a website. An essential feature of any website building for a small business should answer this question. Companies today are highly segmented to bring value to your clients. For example, if your consumers are looking for a three-bedroom house near their location, there is a lower percentage of chance that they will be willing to locate another town just because they couldn’t find a three-bedroom home. Building a website or a real estate business can help gather true and accurate expertise.

8. Brand Yourself

The only difference that sets a Gucci bag apart from a local purse purchased from a flea market is how Gucci presents itself from the competition. You don’t just have a purse. You have a Gucci bag.  Real estate agents can create their online brand by hiring a real estate website development company. Your website reflects your authority in the market, business goal & services. Homebuyers today want to work with someone they can trust.  According to the National Association of Realtors, “54% of buyers and 64% of sellers discover the real estate agents they work with either through referral or because they have worked with them in the past.” But the most common way is by doing a Google search! So, what do they inquire about “real estate agents near me.

9. Real Estate Websites Gives Your Business Credibility

Websites are a great place to let your customers be your brand ambassadors. As a realtor, you may know your business domain, but that matters little to customers- they want proof that they are in for the real deal. Researchers say that nine out of 10 people trust what another customer says about a business. Real estate agent websites are a goldmine to let prospective clients get familiar with your real estate business services and your expertise.  For example, look at the statement below:  “Working with WP Seeder was a breath of fresh air. The communication was easy and often. When they checked in on me to make sure we were staying on the path. The quality of the work was some of the best you can find out there. Everyone has been impressed with the job that was done.” 

10. Ready-To-Use Websites Give Your Flexibility

WordPress websites offer an added advantage for real estate businesses that look for 100% ready-to-go websites that include everything. Just add your content and images and launch. Themes Designed by professional designers with premium plugins, sliders, lead capture form, video background, and site insights. You can do your business, and your website will do the hassle for you. 


Website templates lay a significant role in the continued evolution of businesses. In the 21st century, buyers are in a hurry, and while developing a website might take up to months, companies hire website developers to sell goods and launch their services.  In the real estate industry, the importance of having a website cannot be overstated.  In the present society, it’s tied in with turning into the main asset for your customers, making your image, and remaining applicable to your specialized topic. Having your website is the most effective way to secure these regions and ensure the success and development of your business. At WP Seeder, we offer over 200+ professionally designed ready-to-use templates for your business website. With advanced features, expand your addons. Enjoy world-class website support to ensure that you succeed. Contact us or give us a call. You can also reach us through our email.